Real Time Vehicle Tracking
and Recognition System

Recognize the vehicle type and its
license plate number in Real Time.

What is RTVTR

A system that Detects vehicles and recognizes its license plate in real time

The system uses Video Processing pipeline with various machine learning models to detect and classify the vehicles in different categories. It is able to recognize the license plate of those vehicles with the help of our very robust Segmentation and Optical Character Recognition Engine.

How RTVTR works

Get Video

Feed the video stream of the camera into the system. The camera could be facing the incoming or the outgoing traffic. The system is able to recognize vehicles from front as well as from back.

Detection and Classification

Processes the video from camera in real time to locate the vehicles in the video. The located vehicle is then classified in one of the 15 categories like truck, bus, motorbike, car, ambulance, etc.

License plate Recognition

Corresponding license plate of detected vehicle is located and is sent to License plate Recognition engine to get the characters of the license plate. The recognized plate is then sent to tracking system to avoid duplicate detections.

Save Detections

The tracking system keeps track of all the unique detections. All of those uniquely detected vehicles and their license plate are then save in database for later use.


Customizable software to address various type of surveillance application.

The technology of the RTVTR can be extended to address the requirements of various sectors like parking, road tax collection, time card management and general traffic surveillance. It can also be used in housing, apartments or in corporate buildings for security purpose.

Vehicle Detection

Can detect the vehicles in real time video stream and categorize them in different categories like car, motorbike, taxi, bus, truck etc.

Number Plate Recognition

Recognizes the license plate from the detected vehicle. Can recognize plates in both nepali and english fonts.

Vehicle Count

Keeps the count of vehicles of each category which passes through the video stream.

Detection on ROI

Can be configured to detect and recognize the vehicles only in the specific region of interest within the video frame.

Vehicle flagging

Specific vehicles can be flagged so that concerned person can be alerted on detection of that flagged vehicle.


Analytics of vehicle flow with an interactive graphical interface which enables us to access all the historical data of detections in an understandable way.

The Software

Search any Historical Records

Users can retrieve historical records based on different filters like plate number, date range and vehicle type or combination of these.

Easier Access Management

Access Management made easier with different permission levels for software users.

Multiple Camera Support

Supports location-wise addition and configuration of multiple cameras. The system manages location-wise records of vehicles detected and recognized.

Statistics and Vehicle Flow Analytics

Intuitive graphs and statistics to help analyze vehicular flow over different location and time frames.

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